5 Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog

commands to teach your dog

You wish that your dog to be fully trained & disciplined or not is completely up to you. However,  there are some commands that your pet should definitely familiar with. So, Being a responsible pet parent, it is your responsibility to teach these basic commands to your loving pet, as a form of avoiding dogs behavioral problems. So, the next time when you’re buying the monthly quota of dog food online, remember to stock up on dog treats and some packets of biscuits for dogs, for training, it will works best if you have some treats ready to reward for good behavior.

Here are the top 5 commands that you should teach your dog:

1. Sit Command

Sit is a basic, and easy to teach command for your dog. Starting with something easy gives a positive moral to the training session for both the dog and you. To teach this, hold a treat by your dog’s nose. Lift your hand until dog’s head follows your hand. This will naturally cause his butt to lower to the ground in a sitting position. After he’s sitting, say the word “sit,” and give him a treat and praise.

Repetition is key to mastering any command. Practice sit several times a day. Use the command to get him to sit before you put his food dish in front of him, or when you’re taking a walk and come to an intersection.

2. Come Command

Another very easy but important command, to help you ensure your dog’s safety, knowing that your dog will respond to ‘come’ will give you a good night’s sleep. Best & simple way to tech your dog this command is to call him to you and keep moving backwards slowly. Once he reaches you, say yes, tell them they’re a good boy, and hand them a treat.

3. Drop it or Give it Command

This command is necessary in case you need your dog to drop something he’s picked up off the floor that he shouldn’t eat or if you want her to give you a toy, piece of food or your shoe that she’s chewing.

Teaching your dog this command isn’t that hard. While playing fetch with your dog, say ‘drop it’, whenever he brings the ball to you. He will drop the ball accidentally or you will have to open his mouth and take the ball; either way, praise him, so he knows what the command means.

4. Lie Down or Down Command

This command is important for your dog to learn because it can keep him away from jumping on guests.

To train this, get your dog into a sit then you can persuade him to the down position by moving your hand with a treat, toward the ground. He will follow your hand and will get into the down position.

5. Wait Command

Almost every dog becomes a hyperactive little critter as soon as they see an open door, and teaching them to ‘wait’ is quite important. To teach your dog this command, you need to first put him on the leash and then open the front door of your home in front of him. As he tries to run out, pull him back and tell him to ‘wait’. It’ll take some time, and he will understand what the command means.

Offer him a treat when he will remain in a stay position even if you only move two feet away from him.

While training your dog, it is crucial to reward good behavior when it happens. If there is a lag between when your dog is showing good behavior and the treat or praise provided to him, your dog may not know for what he is getting a treat. Always look for healthy treats as you will be feeding small treats frequently during training mode.