ridd anti tick and flea solution

How to protect dogs from getting tick and flea?

Use Ridd Anti Tick And Flea Solution For Dog. I am sure it will help you. It is one of best product for your pet to control Ticks & Flea. It Provides relief from redness and itching & Removes all parasites and fleas also heals the skin damage caused by parasites. It does not contain harmful chemicals.

How To Use Ridd Anti Tick And Flea Solutions?

  • Clip the hairs of your pet
  • Bath the animal with soap/shampoo and water
  • Pat dry with a towel
  • Make a dip concentrate by adding 3 ml of Ridd Anti Tick And Flea Solution For Dog into 1 ltr water.
  • Apply the solution all over the body and on the affected area liberally with thorough scrubbing. Allow it to dry.
  • Do not give bath for a week after application.