Ridd Anti Tick And Flea Solution – 15 ml


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Ridd Anti Tick And Flea Solution

Ridd Anti Tick And Flea Solution is a product from Petcare. It contains a safe form of insecticide that helps to protect your dog from harmful infestation and external parasites like mites, ticks and fleas tend to invade your dog’s body. These parasites are stubborn and do not want to leave your dog’s coat easily. However, with this anti tick solution you can fight away the mites in any development stage. The solution also helps to fight demodicosis and sarcoptic mange. It reduces redness, irritation and itching on the dog’s skin.

Ridd Anti Tick and Flea Solution for Dog is safe to use on your dog’s skin as it does not contain harmful chemicals. It uses the principle of cutting oxygen supply to the parasites rather than removing them with harsh chemicals. You need to start from the head or ears of the dog and then apply the solution to other parts of the body.

The low toxicity solution offers fast relief. The anti tick solution has high penetrability because of which it uproots all of your dog’s skin problems. It does not contain harmful chemicals and is thus safe to use. The solution uses the principle of cutting oxygen supply from these harmful parasites rather than using chemicals to get rid of them. All you need to do is start using the solution from the head or ears area and then move on to the rest of the body. Give your pet quick relief from ticks and flea right away!


  • High penetration of solution
  • Removes all parasites and fleas
  • Cuts the oxygen supply of parasites
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals


  • Clip the hairs
  • Bathe the animal with soap/shampoo and water
  • Pat dry with a towel
  • Make a dip concentrate as per dosage
  • Apply the solution all over the body and on the affected area liberally with thorough scrubbing. Allow it to dry.
  • Do not give bath for a week after application
  • Quantity – 15 ml
  • Form – Liquid
  • Dosage  One application per week is advised. Dilution is to be done as follows (per liter of water), Ticks & fleas – 2ml, Mange – 3 – 4 ml
  • Note – Should not be used in pups under 4 months of age .In Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, Poodles – half the dosage to be used


Store in cool dry place

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