Royal Canin Maxi Junior Puppy Food


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Royal Canin Maxi Junior Puppy Food

Royal Canin Maxi Junior Puppy Food the moderate energy needs of large breed puppies which have a long growth period. B1 and joint support contributes to good b1 mineralisation in large breed puppies thanks to a balanced intake of energy and minerals (calcium and phosphorus) thus supporting b1 consolidation and joints. Natural defences helps support the puppy’s natural defences, thanks particularly to an antioxidant compel and manno-oligo-saccharides.

Royal Canin Maxi Junior Puppy Food is specially formulated with the nutritional needs of your large puppy in mind. This food is suitable for large puppies from 2 to 15 months old that will have an adult weight of approximately 26kg-44kg.

Royal Canin Maxi Junior Puppy food contains a patented complex of antioxidants – including the highly beneficial vitamin E – to support your puppy’s natural defenses while its immune system is immature and still developing. The combination of nutrients that contain high quality protein (such as L.I.P., known for its very high digestibility) as well as prebiotics like FOS help to support your puppy’s digestive health Large puppies have a long growth period, that’s why they need a diet that accounts for the implications of this period.

Fact for Royal Canin Maxi Junior Puppy Food

  • Suitable for pups of maxi breeds (up to 15 months)
  • Formulated to support a long growth period
  • Promotes good digestive health
  • Balanced calcium and phosphorous supports bones & joints
  • Antioxidant complex to support the immune system
  • Consult a vet before altering your pet’s diet
  • Always have fresh water available for your pet
  • Never exceed recommended feeding quantities unless prescribed by a vet.

Storage information – on opening the pack, store dog food in an air-tight container, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

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**Please check while receiving your pedigree puppy food chicken and milk pack, that it is not tampered or damaged. Store it in an air-tight container in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. Avoid basements, condensation and temperature variations as it encourages growth of vermin and bugs. It is recommended to wash the container and dry it properly before use to keep the food fresh for long time.

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