Virbac Ostopet Syrup 150 ml


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Virbac Ostopet Syrup

Virbac Ostopet Syrup is a liquid supplement aiding bone-health and growth in pets. Ostopet syrup for dogs and cats is a Calcium and Multivitamin Pet Supplement for Strong Bones and Fast Growth of your loving pet.

It is a Growth-Enhancing Supplement For Pups & Young Dogs In A Palatable Strawberry Flavor To Support Normal Growth & Development In Pups also Help to Improve The Immune Response And Reduce Susceptibility To Diseases.

A lot of pets that develop arthritis in their middle age, the supplement helps to maintain the strength of their joints. Also resolve all issues associated with degeneration of cartilage or formation of bones in the joint margins.


  • Strengthening of joints.
  • Maintains cartilage, tendons and ligaments.
  • Useful for both young and older pets.
  • Help to all arthritis-related issues.
  • Quantity – 150 ml

Nutritional Quantity: The nutritional value per 100 ml:

Calcium – 1650 mg,
Phosphorus – 850 mg,
Vitamin D3 – 8000IU,
Vitamin B – 100 mcg,
Carbohydrates – 40,000mg,
Energy KJ – 670,
Energy Kcal – 160

Feed Instructions:

Pups and cats:  5 ml twice daily,
Adult Dogs: 10 ml twice daily.

Storage: Store in cool dry place.

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